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The principle of practice can be applied to anything, and we all do it regularly.  We practice what we’re going to say before we have important conversations; we practice our hobbies and sports to hone our skills and improve the quality of our work, and in emergency service roles we all know how important practicing for the real scenario is - it’s critical.   

The same holds true for practicing how to interview. Interviewing isn’t a common activity for most of us - we may have two or three interviews over our entire careers.  It’s also hard to sell ourselves sometimes - most people are not sure how to toot their own horn without sounding rude or boastful. We may also not be the best at creating positive positioning statements either - sometimes negativity can get the best of us and when it does, it may leave a bad impression with the interviewers.  

Having an opportunity to practice interviewing with someone who’s been on the hiring side of the table is like having an expert in your corner! Wouldn’t you love for an interviewer to be able to say, ‘wait a moment, if you answered the question this way, it would make a lot more impact with us’?  That’s what your interview prep coach will do!

They will work with you through what’s known as a mock interview, asking you questions similar to what you may be asked in a real interview, and giving you on the spot feedback about your answers. They’ll let you know when your response is too shallow, or goes on too long. They identify when you’re fidgeting too much or if your body posture is poor.  They will provide you with tools to answer some of the more difficult questions, and leave you with recommendations on how to put your best foot forward.

If you’re tight on budget, asking a friend to act as an interviewer will help you get over any initial interview jitters.    Even practicing in front of a mirror can help!

Regardless, practice is key! However you get it done, just do it. You’ll be glad you took some time to focus on what your top game as an ace candidate looks like!

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